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Physical Therapy Services

Step and Spine offers physical therapy, sports performance, and spine care in Central Oregon.

Recover, recharge, and renew with Step & Spine Physical Therapy.

Step & Spine Physical Therapy’s experienced staff treats a wide range of conditions. Our specialties include:

Spine care, neck & back pain management

Hands-on, expert care for spine conditions, including acute neck and back injuries, pre and post-surgical treatment, disc herniation, and osteoporosis.

Pre and post surgery care

Recover faster, safer, and with more confidence. Whether you are preparing for surgery or recovering from a recent operation, Step & Spine physical therapists can help you restore normal movement, flexibility and function as quickly as possible. Some of our specific programming includes individualized programming for back surgery, hip replacements, and total knee replacements.

Sports Performance

Looking to reach the next level in your game? Our staff of personal trainers and physical therapists work one-on-one with runners, marathoners, cyclists, equestrians, skiiers, and triathletes to safely and effectively reach their training and performance goals. We also partner with athletes of all ages who are looking to safely return to sport after an injury.

Youth Sports Injury Prevention

We’re partnering with the young athletes of our community and their parents and coaches to ensure safe, lifelong participation in their sports. Overuse injuries account for about half of all injuries in athletes under the age of 21. Learn more about our program and how partnering with a Step & Spine physical therapist can keep your young athlete active for life!

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