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Post Concussion Education and Therapy


Common Causes of Concussion:

  • Mild Head Trauma
  • Whip Lash
  • Sports Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Post-Concussion Symptoms:

  • Headaches/Pressure in the Head
  • Ringing in the Ears
  • Sensitivity to Light/Sound
  • Visual Changes/Double Vision
  • Drowsiness
  • Trouble Falling Asleep
  • Difficulty Concentrating/Remembering
  • Confusion/Delayed Response
  • Mental Fogginess/Memory Complaints
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Poor Balance/Movement Intolerance
  • Dizziness/Vertigo
  • Increased Emotions
  • Nervousness/Sadness/Irritability
  • Slurred Speech
  • Unusual Inappropriate Behavior

If this sounds like your experience,  we can help.  Tell your healthcare provider that you would like to participate in our Concussion Program.  These services may be covered by your insurance.

To schedule a consultation please request:

 Charlotte Watership, OTR/L, GCFP