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Physical Therapy for Equestrians

Saddle up and ride—pain free and with better endurance.

A seasoned horseback rider will tell you that while a good horse makes a big difference, they still only do part of the work. Riders are athletes, and as such often experience aches, pains and injuries that keep them off the saddle. Physical therapists can help you rein in these limitations.

The toll of the trail

Every sport challenges a different mix of muscle groups – from your shoulders to your feet, and everything in between – and horseback riding is no different. Poor posture, muscle imbalances, and a general lack of fitness can cause misunderstanding between you and your horse, and this can lead to pain and injury.

Physical therapy for equestrians at Step and Spine Physical Therapy, with offices in Sisters, Redmond, and Bend!

Commonly treated equestrian issues & injuries

  • Posture issues due to a weak core
  • Balance issues
  • Lower-back pain
  • Shoulder fatigue and pain
  • Joint pain due to rider tension
  • Lack of joint mobility

Equestrian Rehab: Getting back on the horse

Whether you’re into racing, jumping, roping or dressage, or you simply enjoy a good endurance ride on the weekend, saddleback activities can stretch the limits of your shoulders, triceps/biceps, abs, back, thighs, calves and feet. If an injury or muscle weakness is holding you back, a member of the Step & Spine Physical Therapy team can identify the source of the problem through an initial pain and movement assessment. This helps us develop a personalized therapy plan that’ll not only get you back on your horse for an improved horse-rider experience. Call us today!

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