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Here’s what Step & Spine Physical Therapy Patients are saying…

After three treatments I’m essentially pain free. The improvement has been amazing!
– Larry

I had pain every day, every night, every morning. When I woke up it took several hours to get moving… This therapy has been wonderful for me. It’s like being in a new body.
– Carol

Shoulder & Arm Injuries

No pain in shoulder! I am able to perform most movements without pain. I can do push ups!
– Lisa

I had extreme pain in my left shoulder from a traffic accident. I could not move my left arm in any direction. My shoulder is back in great shape and my movement is very close to 100% mobility.
– Bob

I could hardly lift my right arm. At discharge of physical therapy, I feel amazing.
– Teresa

Back Pain & Injuries

I had lower right back pain, lots of stiffness. Now, I have no back pain, and and feel stronger and more flexible.
– Kathy

I couldn’t stand upright and I was in a good amount of pain. My back and hips feel great. I’ve learned several new exercise/stretches to help alleviate any symptoms I’m feeling. So many new tools!
– Lauri

Any movement hurt my back. Now I can do activity with zero pain.
– Lisa

I had severe back spams and could not walk. I’m much better… no pain.
– Greg

Dizziness & Imbalance

After surgery I was having difficulty in walking and maneuvering my knee. I’m doing well, back to 100%.
– Thelma

I was losing my balance when walking and felt like I was going to fall. Now I feel 100% I can talk longer strides and feel balanced when I walk. I walk with no pain.
– Howard

Foot Pain & Injuries

Before Physical Therapy my back, legs, and feet would hurt all the time and I had a hard time performing day-to-day activity. And now my outlook on life is good! I can do my activities and I feel good. Thank you. I will miss you all.
– Patricia

Hip Problems

I was having extreme pain in my left hip and buttocks. I am extremely happy now and not having any pain in my hips.
– Nancy

Bad pain in my hip when walking and lying down. Big improvement. More flexibility.
– Linda

Knee Pain & Injuries

I now have no pain going up and down stairs. I am now able to walk some distance without knee pain.
– John


I had headaches that severely inhibited my day-to-day activities and kept me from recreational activities this I enjoyed. I have an extreme reduction in headaches and pain, and I know how to get rid of pain that may arise from time to time.
– Aubrey

Post Surgery Physical Therapy

I was not walking due to heart surgery. I am now walking and doing excellent.
– Gene

Such a difference Physical Therapy has made for me, It was so helpful to my recovery.
– Amber

I had knee surgery– very stiff. Now I’m awesome! Feeling really good– much improved!
– Chris